#TickTockBangBang Excerpt from My Hybrid Media Book 

While you were sleepingI looked over you 

I stood on a balcony 

On some crystal street 

Near el Camino 
I danced in my poncho 

My peekaboo poncho 
They Beatses us because they love us 

And they want us to all be dead 

Or just quiet 

Tic tock bang bang. 

They kill us because they care. 

Bang bang. 
You get no resurrection of the saints 

On account of your worth. 

Because you’d kill them too 

Tick tock bang bang. 
Or just watch the others 

Tsk tsk – shame shame 

How awful our mote is 

And the beams too 

We cannot see well 

But we must keep up the motion, 
Cuz tick tock. Bang bang. 
No one dares remember how love is. 

Snotty and gross doesn’t scare her,

Not even poo or pee or screaming old people who throw food at her. 
It’s the judgment. 

The arrogance. 
You have created your own reality. 

Tick tock. 

Bang bang. 
And I feel your fear. 

But I see bigger. 
I knew I could slip anytime. My hands shook as I tried to unlock the door. Even two of them. Breathe. I would. 
But then I couldn’t see. 
And so it seemed better to warm myself with a Marlboro – menthol to burn more – and chase it with the spice that was legal then. 
And pray. 
But my prayer is like a dance. 

I close my eyes and I take all the warmth I need 

And give it to the dying. 
That they may pass in peace like one day I will. 
One day. 

Tick tock 

Bang bang. 


I looked over you my planet. 

How can someone die and be alive?

What is all that jibber jabber about,  Antione? 
I passed over the beds in the hospitals – I pulled out their darkness and I gave them light. 
I watched the smoke of my ciggies and spice ~ 
They said God can do anything. 
But they said well we can too. 
I said what’s god and anything? 
They said tick tock 

Bang bang. 

– V is for vendetta  

– the yellow wallpaper 

– Freedom writers 



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