Silent, Sexy Feets On The Table (Clip Gush)

Hi sexy stranger 🙂

Yes, I know it has been awhile (again!) but you know how I disappear every now and then to explore new rabbit holes and then return to share my adventures with you in some form.

Recently I went and stayed with a girlfriend for a little while and created a few clips over that fun weekend.

sexyfeetnsoles2 I’m putting the first clip up today and really, I am super excited to share it with you.

Since I started doing clips, I’ve played around with a few styles and mostly I like doing amateur ones because I think they have a certain dirtiness and personality to them that I thought you might like.

I think my most embarrassing one now that I look back on it is one day when I just took off my dress, left my scarf on and my bra and panties and started kicking dildos – white and “chocolate”, something for everyone. Well, at least for the guys who like a little ball busting. The clip is fun and shows off my nice long legs plus feet and rebounding dildos but somehow I wonder if I should take it down when I think about it because of the high level of dorkiness about it, lol. Nothing wrong with dorkiness, but I’m not sure if I’m feeling it. Still undecided on that.

(As if dildo kicking part one was not embarrassing enough, I decided to do part two – aka “kicking dildos like a dorky goddess”. Lol. Sucker for punishment – it’s why I can dish it out so deliciously too. 😉 )

sexyfeetnsoles3 But this series of clips over girlfriend weekend I am super excited about. I hope you are too, because that is why I do the clips. 🙂

Today’s clip is on a long dining table, me teasing you with my feet. I took the sound out so it’s just silent, mesmerizing foot tease – all visual!

I hope you like it – I would love comments and feedback!

Happy Foot Fetish Friday! sexyfeetnsoles4

K xoxo


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