Wronged Ballet Flats #footfetish #nablopomo #thedailyprompt

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wronged Objects.”

If there are any objects I have wronged, I suppose my ballet flats would be up for consideration. They are still my favorite, even though they lie neglected in a dollar store bag, dusty from accompanying me to an outdoor gun club.

Somehow I thought I heard shooting range and imagined an indoor one. Wearing my ballet flats was just a coincidence although I was amused at the thought because it seemed like something I would do, wear the wrong type of shoes–girly ones in particular–to a shooting range.

But it was not as amusing as I thought. I do like to be rugged but in a functionally fashionable sort of way. There was none of that as I found myself outside on a very cold morning without proper outerwear, shoes or sunblock. It was dusty and I burned myself and my feet, and made my ballet flats look like they should be auctioned to a foot fetish guy with a thing for abused shoes.

I have apologized to objects before. It was the silverware that didn’t get a proper rotation at the table because I was told that was not necessary. I apologized to them for the ignorance of grown ups and that there was nothing I could do. I would try to give them some air and a chance at the table the following day.

I might apologize to my abused flats not for taking them on that crazy adventure to the gun club, but for leaving them in the dollar store bag for too long.

We might start with an abused shoe clip to honor their experiences. Then I think I’ll get them polished and back on my feet because Jessica Simpson flats are made for walking.


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