Joy to My World With A Selfie and A Ramble #nablopomo

What brings me joy when I am blue is taking a selfie.



I like to back up my logic with quotes from great people, so…

As Catherine The Great said,

“Happiness and unhappiness are in the heart and spirit of each one of us: If you feel unhappy, then place yourself above that and act so that your happiness does not get to be dependent on anything.”

While it could be argued that I am dependent on my iPhone, really everyone has phones these days and I am sure if I asked nicely someone would let me take a selfie with theirs. =D

I know this whole idea might seem narcissistic and some people might insist that it is, but…

A selfie reminds me that I am alive and I am fully in the moment–capturing said moment for my photo journal/visual diary–and that is a great thing even when I am not feeling great, or especially then.

Speaking of journals and diaries, I am rethinking that whole December Diary idea I wrote about.

Rambling also gives me joy.



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