November Blogging Challenge Over … Hello December Diary #nablopomo #writing

What a load of writing I did in November! I’m glad though to get in the habit of writing something every day for public viewing—and using prompts when I felt like I had nothing to say. I know, surprising for a talker like me.

I am also super happy to have had my post on sensuality featured on’s Love and Sex section!

I think I’m going to blog daily again next month, just a little different format. I’ve been thinking of doing it diary style—-my life as a web cam model in December.

Really I feel like right now my life isn’t very exciting, but that’s probably a matter of perspective. I think some people might find it pretty exciting or interesting that I play with sex toys for work, especially as much as I like to think about things.

Sometimes people ask me why I’m a web cam model. People who’ve followed me online for the past three years know I’ve taken some long breaks. I’ve had a lot of different jobs and a very unique professional life, but my heart has always been in creativity, communicating and problem solving.

So why am I a performer? That is the mystery that perhaps we’ll solve in December or later.

I kind of fell into being a web cam model but it has been an epic experience. I think I always felt that at some point in my life I was going to get naked for work.

So maybe in December a diary about what my days are like right now as I work on my craft of writing and other enterprises and try to support those ventures with my web cam modeling might be interesting. I think it’ll help me be more organized too.

For now I’m super happy to have gotten through November’s NaBloPoMo and gotten some consistency with my writing.

I’ve been listening to Sol Stein’s audio book Stein on Writing and enjoying every minute of it. I listened to Elements of Style earlier in the month and I’m looking forward to listening to it again.

I am really looking forward to writing my cheeky oft-bare ass off.

Can I say that? I think I just did.


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