If I Were A TV Show Cast Member I’d Be … (#nablopomo #roleplay)

Tatiana Maslany from the Canadian sci-fi series Orphan Black. I love the way she transforms into her sister clones.

As for my character, it’s something of a mystery.

I’ve created alternative versions of myself and slowly brought them to the Web.

Little Baby Love
Woman dressed like a little girl holding beanie babies.There’s the Little, Cupcake “Keiko” Mulligan or just Baby Love. She’s opinionated and silly, but there’s a depth to her. Her identity comes from the subculture within BDSM of daddies and littles. Some people misunderstand it but it’s really a way for a grown woman to have an emotionally nurturing connection and heal her inner child.

She is not into age play but she does like stuffies and has her own language, much like a child, even though she’s a fully-grown woman. She looks at things with a child’s innocence and openness, is sensitive and creative.

Woman dressed like a little girl holding beanie babies. When she feels overwhelmed she writes to her daddy in her own language and is able to express feelings that she might not allow herself to recognize or process as a grown woman. She loves tickles, animals and laughing.

Even though she’s a little, she has big ambitions much like the cartoon character Stewie from Family Guy—only that’s not a good comparison because she’s sweeter and her ambitions have to do with making the world a better place in her quirky slightly bossy way. Sometimes she’s almost like a Little Domme (dominatrix) but not the traditional or stereotypical domme—there are all kinds of dommes too.

Ms K
Mistress, Miss, Ms K or Ms Mulligan, also known as Goddess, is that domme. She might sometimes almost seem like an anti-domme because she is rarely aggressive. She sometimes refers to herself as a gentle dominant.Woman dressed in a catsuit, barefoot, holding a riding crop.

She indulges sissies who like to model for her. She allows worship of her feet, her body. She’ll entertain a respectfully submissive gentleman by teasing him all sorts of ways, hypnotically playing with her panties with her feet while in the nude, engaging him in private conversation in her cat suit while occasionally putting her feet in his face for him to kiss.

Woman in a cat suit holding a riding crop in one hand and a stiletto in the other.Sometimes she’ll allow a submissive or more to sit in her presence while she works on other things, ignoring them but allowing them to see her. Sometimes she will give a good verbal tongue lashing to an unruly minion. She likes that to be rare but will indulge those who enjoy punishments—or funishments.

She understands that pleasure means different things to different people, and some enjoy pain. She inflicts all her treatments with love and care, always considering the other’s empowerment and regeneration from such unique recreational activities.

Woman standing in a silk blue kimono.Princess has been a submissive. It was not under the best of conditions and she found herself in some mind games that pushed her past her limits. Like with all experiences that are trying, she learned enormously from it.

Once she found herself as a submissive against her will, and learned the depths of emotion, explored her own darkness and survived it.

She has found her boundaries and could never be submitted against her will again—even then, she knows we may not have the power to choose all of our circumstances but we can choose how we navigate them.

TWoman in a silk blue kimono robe squatting with arms behind her head. here is a part of her that enjoys the challenge of submission to another’s desires, exploring surrender to someone with her best interests in mind. It feels like a deep kind of love.

She is flexible and creative, and enjoys using her skills to fulfill someone else’s pleasure whether submissive or dominant. She believes there is a lot of power in being able to submit to the moment and to know yourself deeply, whether you are a top or dominant, bottom or submissive.

She agrees with the domme and diva Midori, who wrote that a true dominant knows their sphere of influence.

While her submission is a gift not given away lightly, she does identify as a switch, meaning she can be a submissive or dominant, whatever the occasion calls for.

Woman in torn jeans and a black t shirt with a scarf standing barefoot on gravel by a tree. Then there is sunny, cheeky California girl—K, Kk, Kiki, Keikster, Keiko. There is a little spice about her but she’s all smiles and carries a happy, new age vibe.

She likes spiritual things but nothing too serious. Meditation is essential, sometimes with her Hitachi wand—for the times you really want to reach that level of oneness with yourself and your senses.

She was a swinger once and now she thinks she’s more of a nudist than a swinger but those are more her politics than her lifestyle. She likes life to be simple. She is at home with technology and thinks new ideas are the cat’s meow (or pajamas!), always brainstorming, enjoying nature—and is a coffee connoisseur. She loves all kinds of food, the spicier and more interesting the better.

K loves to explore and imagine, take pictures of her feet and things that entertain her. She likes dancing—anything from tribal fusion to ballet, burlesque, belly dancing, ballroom dancing. Yoga too—movement is to be enjoyed as much as possible! She would even try acro-yoga with a partner.

She loves scarves and flip-flops, but to satisfy society’s need for clothing, and protect her rear end from the grass or whatever she sits on, she likes the ease of torn jeans and black tee shirts. The leather jacket is just something that has to be a part of her closet. Maybe that makes her less hippy dippy, but she always thought she was more of a Japanese-American hippy with her own flair from growing up in Southeast Asia.

She loves gentlemen who are considerate and kind, who aren’t sticklers for rules, who love to laugh and talk, who spoil her with fun experiences, and look out for her as if she were their own.

That would be my character.


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