Sensuality Hub, Feet, Food, Fashion and More – Blog Plans for 2015 #nablopomo #footfetish

Keiko Mulligan, asian woman, peeking out from behind a tree with leg wrapped around the tree showing her sole.
Tree hugging and sole baring! (Click on image to visit image store.)

The idea of a year long elaborate meal discussion in my previous post brought the answer to this: Plans for my blog in 2015.

I am a foodie and love iPhoneography, so the idea of exploring food with the intention of creating a most elaborate meal seemed like something that could be a theme for the year!

I thought I would take the food theme and incorporate other ideas that have been simmering, all along the lines of sensuality and celebrating enjoyment of our senses from the perspective of a woman who also happens to be a web cam model.

New Theme, Expanded Vision: I want to feature photos more than my web site/blog currently does. I want it to be a hub for sensuality and exploration. I’ve been looking for a new theme and I believe I’ve found one: Sight by WordPress.

There will be feet but I want it to be about more than feet. I think deeply about things and I like to share what is weighing on me or bursting out of my fingers or mouth—whatever medium is most easily accessible and to a lesser extent, appropriate. Because sometimes a little inappropriate is fun.

I’m a rebel at heart and I like to have a place where I can be naughty and irreverent and sexy, without offending anyone unnecessarily. While I like to be provocative, I feel it’s more provocative when it’s a mix of subtle and bold, and sprinkled sometimes unexpectedly throughout other things, spicing up the mundane. Keeps it interesting for me.

So I’ve been thinking the topics will be feet, food, sensuality, sex, fetishes, fantasies, and maybe some sexy fashion.

My web cam profession started off “hardcore” and there’s a place where that can be found, but I found that what is most enduring for me is the human connection, the ability to use the web to satisfy curiosity and desire in safe and private environments, whether it be for kinky role play, worship and sensuality or companionship in an accepting environment. I like the playfulness and practicality of feet—from pedal pumping to chasing my shadow on the sidewalk or showing off my feet in bed or dirty at the park, there are easy opportunities everyday for fun.

Audience: I’ve thought a lot about my audience as well as my need for creative expression and variety. I think my audience reflects my eclectic style. It’s a mixed audience and I like that. Of course it’s an adult audience, a lot of people who enjoy foot fetish and adult entertainment, and also people who have connected with me through my posts on Twitter and my WordPress blog. At a time when I was having a breakdown online, all sorts of people stepped up to support me in a variety of ways and I am grateful for that!

iPhoneography: Besides enjoying taking pictures of feet, food, and other things that catch my eye, I am also self proclaimed Queen of Selfies. It’s been my photo journal of transformation and growth for the last few years. I wanted a journal that was honest, raw and artistic at the same time. There are semi-nude and nude selfies as well as the type that show me at times we normally don’t like to show ourselves.

I wanted to love and accept all of me. I’ve shared some of those photos but now that the purpose behind adopting that madness was fulfilled I’ve decided to start sharing the vast content I have there too, along with the stories behind it.

I create clips on my phone too, for YouTube as well as my clip store, and lately daily Vines. I love it. My iPhone makes me a content machine! I just have to start sharing more of the content!

Human Sexuality, Alternative Experiences: I like to write about how I see the human experience and alternative sexuality. Before my days as a web cam model I’d already had years of alternative experiences—starting from my upbringing throughout my adulthood. The twist is that I have always found myself in those environments at different stages in my life and then embraced them and made them my own to the best of my ability. I’ve decided to own my experiences and perspective in an authentic way. There are of course all kinds of bumps along the way and I’m at a place where I’d like to share those experiences — the good, the beautiful and the dark.

Digital With A Twist: I also have a strong technology and creative background with years of writing (under another name or as a ghost writer) and experience in Internet marketing, so I’ve considered talking about my digital experiences and collisions on information highway in a sexy way. I’ve had very colorful experiences, and I’ve also thought of approaching technology with a twist—making digital business more entertaining or pleasurable for those who are interested. I’m still thinking about how to do this but why not? I’m open to collaboration too!

eBooks: I’m planning to bring back my mini digital publication Talk to the Soles, which I did some time ago as an experiment. The first issues featured pictures of feet and personal musings. I received great feedback, and I’d like future ones to feature unique perspectives on topics that are important to us whether we’re into feet or not—along with pictures of my feet.

I like to make my foot pictures artistic and playful, so I’m hoping that people who may not share a big love for feet will enjoy it anyway. Maybe secret foot-lovers can enjoy feet a little more openly if they choose to as well.

Keiko Mulligan, Japanese American woman, touching her shins while standing and smiling.
Let’s promote playful and sensual! (Click on image to visit image store.)

Erotica: I’d like to add erotica too, either that I’ve written or feature erotica from fans and other erotica authors. I’ve encouraged my fans to publish some of the incredible fantasies they’ve sent me. Maybe that’s something I can offer related services on my blog for.

Sponsors, Active Community: I’d love to have sponsors as well as collaborate with other like minds. I think something will come of this and in a year from now I hope to have an active blog with a diverse readership and community where we can find ways to promote sensuality and a new sex culture. I’d like it to be an artsy, edgy creative hotspot for sensuality inside and out, from head to toe.

A Global Trend: May sound ambitious but I really think that with our combined energy we could snowball and start a global trend of sensuality. Sensuality is irresistible. It’s completely unique and it’s not reserved for the bedroom. It’s an amazing vibe that is easily adopted and fits all kinds of styles while doing wonders for health and beauty physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I’ve been thinking of starting my sexy fan club back up for some insider fun too, kind of a sexy vlog meets sexy talk show on my topics.

So that’s where I see my blog headed in a year from now. Five years out I hope it’s still going strong! Many thanks to and for great prompts that helped me approach my blog in 2015 in a new way!

It all started with the idea of the most elaborate meal and the need for an underlying thread (food) to start weaving all my topics together to begin the tapestry of my blogosphere for 2015.

I look forward to an interesting amazing journey with whoever wants to join me!

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