The Most Elaboratist Non-Favoritist #nablopomo

I thought I would elaborate on my lack of a most elaborate meal.

I put a lot of thought into what I eat, but usually it’s simple and nutritious. Perhaps a little bit exotic with my love for Asian food, especially Thai but also Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese. Italian too.

The most elaborate is really a difficult thing to think about. It feels like the “favorite” question. That question always gets me. Favorite depends on so many factors. I really don’t have a favorite of all time for anything that I can think of.

The other day I went to a web site and for the password reminder questions there were several asking what my favorites were for a bunch of things. How am I supposed to remember a favorite that is one of my many favorites?

For example, what’s my favorite pet? Well certainly I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, but all of my cats have been very special to me in some way. I could never pick just one out over the others. Perhaps I can make up a favorite pet of all time.

In my early years I even wanted all the silverware to have a turn at the table. I like everyone to have a chance.

Most elaborate meal falls under favorite. The Most. Decisions. That’s probably more what this is about. I choose to experience simplicity and variety in such a way that it makes it very difficult for me to choose a favorite.

There’s just something about it that I don’t get. It baffles me. I never liked competing for attention, to be a favorite, even. That seemed too pegged. I wanted to be free to change my favorite, and I wanted others to be free to change their favorite too.

I guess I just don’t think in favorites.

Or maybe my favorite thing is to be free to have all kinds of favorites, to have as many things as possible be among my favorites because I love life that much.

Maybe I should change that. Maybe I will look into creating a most elaborate meal. Perhaps I’ll plan the most elaborate meal of my history all year long, discussing it in my blog and then rocking out on set day.

That should take care of my most elaborate meal.

As for favorites, with a couple notable exceptions (exceptions are us) I’ve always preferred to have a few favorite things like Maria from Sound of Music.

Anyone else ever fantasize about Maria and Mr Von Trapp having fun with her old nun outfit? 😉

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