Reconnecting Mind and Body With The Franklin Method #nablopomo

Last week I talked about karate, the Franklin Method and my foot fetish work. I’ve wanted to include new types of movement in my shows that require more flexibility.

The last few years have been especially stressful for me, and I can feel it everywhere. It feels like there’s a lot of tension to release and sometimes it can be painful. What I love about the Franklin Method is bringing the mind to the movement, as well as finding joy in the movement. If there’s no joy in it, it’s not going to last.

But with any new fitness routine in particular—although it happens with other things too—I get so excited and want to jump in right away. My tendency is to get carried away, or overdo it somehow.

So this time I decided to try a new approach. My goal is to include more positions with my foot fetish work, but that’s not the only thing. I also want to release the tension in my body and begin dancing more as well. Above all, I want to deeply understand and connect with my body first so that what I learn can be transferred into anything I do.

So I’ve decided to read Conditioning for Dance by Eric Franklin slowly, and let it sink in. I have had a lot of experience with personal training and fitness, both being trained and then also training. But imagining my body as I was doing the movements and getting to know my body more deeply, rather than just counting reps and enduring exercises, is something I really want to achieve this time. (You can find a copy of his book on Amazon if you’re interested here: Conditioning for Dance.)

I started with a walk today. My goal was to be aware of how everything in my body felt, focusing on different muscles and joints. The first few minutes I kept slipping back into my head, thinking about past, present and future, what I was going to do after the walk, etc. But when I thought about how the muscles were contracting and expanding, how certain areas of my body felt, it was a completely different experience.

Seeing the contrast between my busy mind and then paying attention to my movements, my muscles and my anatomy, with the intention of being more connected and aligned was really helpful. I know our bodies are more intelligent than we sometimes give them credit for, I think my body was grateful that I gave it permission to do its thing.

I look forward to doing it again tomorrow.


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