Resting and the Train of Thought #nablopomo #haiku

Resting, like waiting,
feels like it just never ends
Or it’s a good friend.

I laid in bed with my cold for a lot of today. It’s like the boss of colds. No strength to fight it so I decided to practice letting go.

Hello new racing train of thoughts!
Goodbye racing train of thoughts!


Then what used to be a thundering sound of “oh no” becomes a welcome rhythm of thoughts passing and me letting them go.

The ones that come back again and again, eventually they turn into more.

Like what I should wear tonight. I thought my black tee shirt with red bra peeking out, and my red sheer lacey panties.


Train of thoughts pulled in and we picked out my outfit.

Soles of my feet wanted their clip online.


Train of thought pulled in to the next station and I edited and uploaded that.

The rest of the grand plans and ideas and epiphanies, they’ll be back as they always are–pulling in right on time.


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