Writing Really Whipped This Mama’s Ass #nablopomo

To paraphrase Winamp’s mascot. Gosh, I have not used Winamp or even thought of it for years and years. It was the late nineties when I first came to the US and was introduced to “Winamp – it really whips the llama’s ass!” Go ahead, Google it. I think it’s campy but funny.

And so very appropriate for how I feel right now. I knew that I was going way overboard when I signed up for three of the November challenges (under different names also because I am stealthy like that, lol).

I had planned to duct tape my inner critic by overwhelming her with creativity that she just frizzed out. I think it worked too, and then some. But I think she figured if she was going down then she would take me with her, or at least try to—but we know what Yoda says about trying “Try, there is no try! Only do or do not.”

So I am here with this awful cold, not the sexiest web cam model imaginable with my allergies and sneezing in spite of all the broth and DayQuil and ginger tea, etc. But what to do.

I feel more clarity than I have in a long time. Sometimes the beauty of not having a net beneath you (and a critic on your shoulder) is that you get really clear on figuring out how to fly or land safely, or make peace with saying good night and going in.

Frankly, I feel more like flying than any of the others but it’s good to cover all bases I figure.

But in any case, whatever base, I plan to leave some kind of writing ruckus as my legacy. I’m pretty sure I have nine lives and I’ve only used a couple.

That’s all I have for tonight. 😉

Oh wait, I lied. I also had some fun creating short clips on Vine for my foot friends shared via Twitter. I love Vine, it’s such a fun way to create and communicate art, a nice compliment to words. It’s like active meditation, and the ideas flow when I’m in that space. I made foot fetish video clips too with my phone. I’m happy those have steadily been selling more and more.

And all that after the meditation at the park, which I think is headed to a new level now. I seriously thought the grass was blue. Maybe that was just the light and my sunglasses.

Still, I was in the moment. And I know all the writing has helped with that. Thanks to NaBloPoMo, NaNoWriMo and NaNonFiWriMo for that!


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