Do I Enjoy Growing Old? #nablopomo

I enjoy growing old because there’s really no point in fighting it. There’s been time to experience life, gain depth and collect more interestingness.

Since I was young, I always admired women who aged gracefully. Sophia Loren was one of my favorites.

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

Later there was Lena Olin, a Swedish actress. I discovered her through the TV show Alias, and I liked her vibe so I had to look her up. Later I read an interview with her where she talked about feeling uncomfortable in her skin when she was in her twenties and growing into her skin as she got older, feeling young, enjoying things like playing in the mud, etc.

I especially identified with Lena Olin’s feeling uncomfortable in her skin in her twenties. I was very much like that. I like that while I still feel in many ways like I’m growing into myself all the time, every day I feel more acceptance with who I am and I hope that continues!

I loved both those ladies’ playfulness, natural grace and awareness of their feelings.–Some for me too please.

I used to listen to the song Paper Bag by Anna Nalick, and loved the words “but someday we’ll all be old and I’ll be so damn beautiful!” At least on the inside, I hope.

When I see an older man or woman who have aged gracefully inside, to me they’re beautiful and I enjoy doing my best to be like that when I get there.

While I hope to look young for a long time, I also don’t want to be preoccupied with it to the point where I lose my joy for living.

I want to be that awesome sexy granny! 😉


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