Early Rising Pedal Pusher – #footfetish

It is a crisp, bright morning. I am feeling wicked as I walk outside barefoot in his equally crisp bright white shirt that reaches mid thigh. Some dresses would be shorter.

He doesn’t know but I decide it’s time for a little morning thrill. I would capture the moment for his viewing pleasure. I’m sure he’ll be sleeping for a few more minutes.

I smile to myself before giving his car keys a little squeeze. Beep, beep! I unlock his car, hoping he won’t hear and adjust the seat for my shorter legs. I am a barefoot pedal pusher on a morning mission!

I attach my iPhone to my thigh with the Gorilla Pod. Excitement is mounting as the Gorilla Pod grips my leg. I open the camera app and go to video, getting my bare foot on the brake in the frame. Record.

Eyes on the road, I begin my leisure drive to get something hot and fresh, happily filming my bare foot braking and accelerating, imagining what a great clip this will make—after we enjoy it first.

I barely have time to hear the cop car behind me before it whizzes by, lights flashing. Just then my phone rings and blue tooth picks it up.

“Someone left without getting her toes sucked this morning!”

Daily Prompt – Trio no. 4


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