How to Befriend a Snobby #Cat #nablopomo

They come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common: They are snobs and they don’t need anyone who needs them.

But beneath the haughty aloof fur-ball on four legs is a cat that also likes to snuggle.

You may only have two legs but you can match their vibe plus extend graciousness that will inspire them to show that they too can be gracious.

1) Posture and prance in slow motion. Show comfort in your skin. You are complete, with or without the company of a fellow almighty.

2) Leave your things at floor level unattended for them to examine with their noses and possibly mark (with their faces, not otherwise! If they tinkle on your things they are not a true snobby cat.). They will become accustomed to your scent.

3) If they come near you, extend a fist for them to sniff. (It’s a good practice for your safety. Harder for them to bite.) If after sniffing, they bless you with the scent of their face, do not pet them! Graciously accept their gift and pull your hand back.

4) If they continue to come around you, allow them to wait. Snobs enjoy just being in each other’s presence, and they will wonder why you are not more taken with them. “Perhaps I should do another tail wave. I’ll clean myself and do another friendly pass.”

5) Be true to yourself. You are not needy, dispose of that illusion. You are an almighty equivalent at least to them. Posture accordingly.

It may take some time. If you fall into groveling behavior, it was simply an act. No need even to forgive yourself. You fell for their charms as they will soon fall for yours.

One day you will find them enjoying a good snuggle like it was meant to be.

Patience. Remember, if you love something, let it go. Then it might come back. Your love is, like theirs, something to be treasured–and treasures are meant for sharing.

(Aside from a foot goddess, I am also a cat whisperer.)


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