Tree Hugging, Foot Loving, Photo Shoot Frolic #nablopomo

Today was a day for foot worship via photo shoot.

This morning I did a much-looked-forward-to photo shoot at a park I enjoy with a photographer who is a joy to work with. Yes, for all those interested, I’m excited to be sharing new photos in the near future!

I loved this photo shoot a lot. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. I’d picked out samples the week before. I felt really good about it. I wanted it to be playful, flirty and natural, but with touches of fantasy and maybe even a little magical vibe.

The ones I originally wanted to take were done quickly, and then we just started having fun with the trees and my feet. Oh wait, back that up. We had fun with the trees right away. I climbed one tree in my torn jeans and black tiger tee shirt (rawr!). I hung from a big branch to show off my long angel feet.

Then we walked across the park and it was a blur—not literally of course, although I did want focus on my feet and blur the rest of me in some shots, so I guess there was that kind of blur too. But I digress. We had so much fun I kept checking the time to make sure the whole morning had not passed.

In one shot I became part of one tree—you’ll have to see it. It’s as if my body is entwined with the tree. It was beautifully done, and a fabulous idea.

In another scene I peeked out from behind hanging leaves. I also took some time to be a good tree hugger with arms and one long limb wrapped around a beautiful trunk or two (one foot on the ground till I become a better monkey). One trunk had this amazing texture and colors; pale beige, almost an off white and then gray in some parts, with darker brown spots and it looked like you could peel parts of it off like paper if you wanted to. Natural wallpaper for trees maybe.

The peaceful poses had come to a close and it was time to go in a different direction.

I became a giantess about to crush some dinosaurs who had been up to no good. They were fleeing from the wrath of my sole and there was a wicked elephant in the mix too who didn’t move as fast as the others. I’ve seen elephants move, but the dinosaurs took the lead this time. No wicked-doers escape the wrath of the giantess sole.

And last of all I took a little walk on a winding path that seemed just wide enough for my two feet, before sitting down on it and posing with a big fantasy butterfly between my toes.

A good start to the day for a foot goddess.


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