No African Safari For Me #nablomo

Recently I saw Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me show on Netflix (pretty funny, by the way!). I heard of Will Smith and other celebrities taking pilgrimages to Africa. I completely understand why some people would go there, for the history, culture, the amazing safari, etc. I’ve heard people rave about it.

But since is asking, that’s the one place I have never been interested in visiting for vacation.

I had a neighbor who was a pilot, and he had stories about the black mamba snakes and other cultural curiosities that didn’t make it onto my bucket list. I felt the energy anywhere in Africa would be intense and it would be difficult for me to relax.

I know Africa is a big place and there are some beautiful parts of Africa that inspire awe. But also there are other beautiful places in Asia and the Pacific that are more my beat. Not to mention Europe.

While I absolutely loved the documentary Beautiful People, there are other places I would prefer to go for my vacay. I’ll let others enjoy Africa.


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