Buyers, Beware? #thedailyprompt

The year is 2214, and my computer’s dusty hard drive has just resurfaced at an antique store. This is the note to the curious buyer explaining what he or she will find there.

Dear Lucky Buyer:

If you are able to access my hard drive, then you are probably an antique MacBook collector. Good for you! I like you already.

I think you’ll find many hours of pleasure or a few minutes of horror, but one way or another I think the contents of my hard drive will provoke some sort of reaction.

There will be thousands of photos—mostly of my feet, but also nude selfies and other every day pictures that some might call vanilla. You could totally get lost in those archives. I have.

Of course you could probably find them on the Internet as well, but at the current state of organization it might take some sleuthing to put two and two together—not much I don’t think. If you’re that motivated then it should be a fun ride. Like a treasure hunt.

Because it definitely gets better on the Internet. 😉 Depending of course on your definition of better, but if you are looking, I think we both know what that is.

I am sure that the Internet is something completely different now and who knows but you might not have to do much sleuthing at all! You might find yourself in the prized possession of an infamous foot fetish goddess, aspiring consistent squirter, Hitachi wand aficionado and enterprising woman’s hard drive.

Just, it might not be safe for work although it depends on where that is.

There will also be a host of notes and stories and plans. If you have found this hard drive, then you must do something about those plans!

If that’s not your bag, just go ahead and you can copy the pictures off and return the hard drive to wherever you got this from.

Say it’s Keiko Mulligan’s and there must be some mistake—they’ll know what to do with it and you’ll get your refund, plus the pictures if you like those.

Just kidding. Enjoy. At your own risk.

Daily Prompt – November 3 – Buyers, Beware?


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