Sweet Furry Face Licking – #thedailyprompt

He was bigger and older, wiser you could say—if you know cats well. He took her under his wing because he knew that he would be a better teacher for her than the dog, although dogs have their own wisdom. Even a wise dog will never truly understand a cat the way another cat will, of course.

And so he let her rambunctious kitten self lay with him. He was not a mother but he would let her lie against him, use him as her cushion, and then lick her face because that’s a friendly thing to do. And she would close her eyes and enjoy it for a moment before realizing that it was indeed a friendly thing to do, and she would be a friend just like he was.

So she took his big head in her little paws and closed her eyes, put out her little sandpaper tongue and licked his face clean of anything that had been there before. Except of course for his fur.

I didn’t get to see that cuteness with my own eyes but I could imagine it, and it reminded me of a good friend who let me be that little kitten and taught me things like friendly face licking and how nice it is to have a bigger, older, wiser cat to lay on when I am not running up and down the stairs in search of new adventures.

This story was going to go in another direction but sometimes it’s more about the camaraderie of two cool cats than what constitutes good pussy licking.

Daily Prompt – Second-Hand Stories


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