From The Wise Old Owls At You Know Hoo #nablopomo

Daily Prompt ~ #NaBloPoMo
Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

From The Wise Old Owls At You Know Hoo

Dear Ms. Keiko Mulligan:

As you are no doubt aware, citizens have taken it upon themselves to literally create the world of their dreams with the help of a new literary agency who uses a unique form of storytelling to rebrand egos into alter echoes, empowering people to achieve their dreams—all people. It’s truly remarkable how we have grown into a new people in a far more joyous manner and more quickly than we anticipated.

It is a cooperative effort and while the dreams vary wildly, the shift has allowed each dream to find their complementary dream with just enough creative tension to keep things interesting and progressive.

To say the new approach has been well received would be an understatement; it has enjoyed phenomenal reception by all sorts of demographics.

Thanks to your alter echo’s help, bypassing resistance and subconscious challenges has become increasingly easy. Hope has returned where it had once been absent and motivation has skyrocketed, yet somehow the energy has been channeled into amazing—and also amusing—activities that have helped the health of our economies much more quickly than we imagined possible.

We would like to inquire about your creative lab to see if there are any projects in development that we could incorporate into near future idea releases for people’s inspiration and consideration.

Minds are open, creativity is flowing across the board, and we are excited to include anything that supports YKH’s initiative, especially if it is a little out of the ordinary.

“M” for
The Wise Old Owls
You Know Hoo


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