Personal Pace – #thedailyprompt

Time is such a precious and slippery thing.

It slips through our fingers whether we want it to or not, and its insistence on doing so whether we like it or not, makes it precious—it’s true to itself.

This post is about pace oddity—slowing down or speeding up events that are faster or slower than we’d like them to be, and why.

That’s really more about perspective. I feel less of an urge to change the timing of events than to find something more interesting to do to change my perception of the event.

Pacing myself is probably my biggest challenge. I just get so excited and in the moment. Time will fly by, and with it my energy as my wholehearted immersion in some experience leaves me exhausted. Then I have to recover.

Speaking of recovery, sometimes I wish I would recover faster. I have a sensitive, resilient nature and I love adventures and adrenalin, so things can take a lot out of me and regenerating (like Seven of Nine in Star Trek) can sometimes take longer than I’d like.

I know though, that as soon as I regenerate I am off to look for the next adventure so this time I am taking my time to plan my adventures to need less recovery time. Just enough planning to manage energy so I can stay in flow longer.

Sometimes I think I am a reincarnated cat. I don’t think I or the cats care too much about how time passes so long as there is either a cat nap on the horizon or some running up and down the stairs in joyful manic exuberance once we have our strength again.

If I could speed anything up it would be my ability to care even less about time than I do, and just let things take their course while I take a catnap.

And dream about how pace relates to Keiko Mulligan’s activities.

An online friend of mine said once that I dominate with pace. I thought that was actually quite true. I dominate but it’s a different style which has been difficult for me to explain.

I do different kinds of play online and it really has to do with creating a space for your fantasy, which if I’m a part of it becomes our fantasy. I love when someone knows exactly what they’d like, and I also love when we explore together—but integral to me always is that there’s not a rushed feeling.

I dominate slowly, sensually for the most part, and more quickly when the circumstances call for it but rarely aggressively. It’s just not my way. I have a pace that I enjoy, a stride if you will, that encompasses all kinds of activities, not just the more common BDSM scenarios. There are others who specialize in that. I have a different flow.

For example, I love to tease while we enjoy a delicious conversation, maybe a little strip show and more. But I don’t like to run through it robotically answering personal questions and showing off my body as if we’re doing some boring show and tell. Show this, show that, etc. I want us both to be part of the experience, even if what you’d like to do is just sit back and enjoy the show—then I will take point. It’s art, it’s a fantasy and I want to honor your desires and my creativity by making it special. There is a rhythm to it that inspires sensuality, which I love to share.

When we find that rhythm, the experience just unfolds, almost magically even in subtle ways. Then everything is perfect, the pace is perfect, the experience is memorable and we’ve met or exceeded our goal of pursuing pleasure and capturing it.

I think that can happen anywhere, anytime.

The Daily Prompt – Pace Oddity


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