Tearing It Up! #AssWorship

As some of you may remember, last week I tore my tank top straight down the middle. If you missed this, a quick look in my Twitter photos will get you up to speed.
Thursday night a few of the fellas and I tore it up again—except this time, “it” happened to be my faithful lacy bikini briefs. They were begging to be torn. So I thought we’d make a little party out of it.
They really are not completely torn up yet, as you will see from the photo that is posted below. So perhaps I will wear them again and we can “tear-orize” them and then put them in the box of things that I will auction when I become famous—for some lucky man or woman to enjoy. 😉
Also, I continue to refine my nightly themes which are for my personal amusement and yours as well, if you like. An illustrious gentlemen suggested Thong Thursday since I like alliteration so much.
So now we have:
  • Mystery Monday
  • Titty Tuesday
  • Wednesday – Well… this is open.
  • Thong Thursday – I am daddy’s naughty girl most days anyway. 😉
  • Foot Fetish Friday – although on Twitter there is foot stuff almost daily, sometimes twice lately!
Of course privates are your show and I love to explore your kink with you so by all means, entice me away to where it’s just the two of us. I know you have many choices when you want to play, so when you do, thank you for playing with me! 😉
Torn bikini briefs on my derriere.Thank you for being a part of my crazy journey through life. You are awesome and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
 K xoxo

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