Keiko Mulligan in a cat suit holding a stiletto boot up to her open mouth and extended tongue. Hello Gentlemen!

Thanks to those of you who have been visiting me-love your company!

I made a couple of changes to my themes, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Tuesday is no longer domination day. Because I love alliteration it is now Titty Tuesday, or Tata Tuesday if you prefer. 😉 Of course, if you would like me to dominate you with my tatas, we can do that too!

Wednesday’s theme is domination and ignoring for those who like that. If you want to be dominated by me please call me Ms K and tip upon entering the room, when addressing me and when you leave the room as well as throughout the evening when you beg for attention and toss tips my way. Ms K will do ignoring private shows as well-please be clear.

Those who are not into domination or ignoring, privates will be our playground. The others can wait outside. I will be working on other things in public chat but happy to be interrupted for a private show with lovely gentlemen who are not submissively inclined and want to entice me away.

No matter what the theme is, the private show is your show. It’s where we can create our own fantasies, however dirty or clean you like it. Tell me the things you can’t tell anyone else… it’s our world, a safe place where we can be whatever we want to be.

I love exploring and learning what makes you throb. Teach me what the world will be like if your pleasures reigned supreme.

Or maybe you’d like me to explore that world with you.

For extra love throughout the day and pictures-like last night’s with my tank top, torn up in a private-follow me on Twitter.

Tata for now,
K xoxo

So to summarize:

Monday – Mysteries: to indulge whatever suits our fancy.
Tuesday – Titties and Tatas! Alotta cleavage and bosom worship.
Wednesday – Domination and Ignoring. (Alliteration takes a break.)
Thursday – Daddy’s naughty girl is Tho Naughty. 😉
Friday – Foot Fetish Day
Saturday & Sunday – Sweet Sexiness – Call me if I am not online!

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