Tease, Tease, #Tease and Release–Just Kidding. No Release For You Yet!

Selfie of Keiko Mulligan looking at you over her sunglasses. Well it is daddy’s naughty girl day. If that’s taboo for you, well boo hoo, shoo shoo. 😉

Time to step up the game, my deliciously wicked fellow deviants.

It’s very boring for daddy’s naughty girl to be sitting there in chat with no fun. If you like me enough to stay, you better like me enough to play.

I’ve been listening to Under Her Thumb, a delightful little collection of fem dom stories. Even if you think you’re not into that, isn’t the thought of being tantalized to your edge even a little bit delightful?

I don’t mind being underneath you either. Top or bottom, I just want to make memories.

The kind you can never forget.

The kind that make you throb and want to moan. Only maybe you can’t because it would be inappropriate. The kind that as soon as you find yourself in a private place you want to get some release but then you also don’t want that feeling to end. That feeling of being on the edge.

Of having a sweet freckle faced naughty little domme bring you right to the brink and then leave you throbbing until you want to explode but you don’t dare yet. No no, not until you get permissions. Because it might not happen again if you cum too soon.

Miss Mulligan knows just the right timing for you. You can’t cum till you’re addicted to my tease and denial. You can try but then I might get bored and then what? I want to see you on the edge, sweating, panting, begging. So yummy.

I like it when there’s a wet spot on your trousers too. So sexy. Nom nom nom!

Call me, and tell me who’s my daddy. I dare you. 😉

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