Mystery Monday ~ Audio Erotica & Kicking Slackers

Picture of Keiko Mulligan's finger over her puckered lips.Last night I couldn’t sleep so I got inspired to record one of a three part fantasy for you. Maybe it’s something you’d like to listen to for a few minutes while you drive or walk or take a break. Hopefully soon there’ll be a whole collection.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. 😉

Here is a mysterious kinky fantasy available for your ears only.

Blue Jeans Fantasy – Audio Erotica

If you want the book with kinky selfies of me in blue jeans on the floor, click here for the Blue Jeans Fantasy ebook.

There are two other parts to this mysterious little kinky adventure. Stay tuned!

Also… if you haven’t seen my naughty calendar yet, do check it out. I hope it adds some fun to your calendar!

* * *

Last but not least, also happening this Monday is the kicking out of slackers from my web cam rooms. I am generous and like to give but I can’t stand the freeloader energy and I won’t be a part of contributing to that nonsense. It’s disrespectful and a turn off. Plus there is plenty about me online that is free.

Sexy gentlemen, no matter what their social strata or kinklination, are considerate of a woman’s time and desires. The others are just not worth my time. I know we sometimes experience money being tight but I’m not here to bank people’s fun. Purchasing an ebook or a small tribute or clip at the very least is just not that much to ask for what I am giving. Getting off are what shows are for–unless you prefer not getting off, there are tease and denial shows too.

So, chop chop. I’d rather not have to be that way but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

If any of my lovely followers wants to be a patron of my sexy adventure and be a part of it vicariously or virtually for real where you can see me and talk with me, see below. xo

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