It’s Sole Domination Day, Love

Not only soles. You know how generous I can be.

And I know how generous you can be. You strong, sexy beast.

I feel the love you have for Me on my soles as they press into your back. I love when you lie on the floor and let Me  dig My heels into your flesh and pinch you with My toes. You don’t let Me; you beg Me to do it. You love the pressure. 

I love your heavy breathing. The groans that come from your relaxed mouth. I wouldn’t mind if you drooled on the floor. Do you like it better bare? Wood? Carpet? Shag rug? A little pool of sexy drool beneath your face on the shag rug? 

I like shag rugs–how they feel, the implied dirtiness of an otherwise mundane phrase. Shag rug. 

I bet you’d want to shag Me on it. Right now I’d rather stroke your manly jaw with My soft soles and long sexy toes. I want to show you how strong and flexible My long soft feet are. 

Where shall I put them after they’ve caressed your face? 

Call Me and tell Me. I wanna hear you say it. 

Speak up. Into the phone, love. 

You don’t know how? 

Click on the link below and scroll down to the blue button. It says Call Me Now. That’s right, love. 

Tell Ms K where you’d like Her feet to go next.

Fill up your credits while your cock throbs for Me. 

See? It wasn’t that hard was it? Not as hard as you are. 

Now, call and tell Me: 

What do you want My feet to boss till you go crazy? 

Too shy? Then I think you better go here instead. 

Foot Domme Clip Treasure Hunt 

Put a smile on My face and a moan on My lips. 

ASAP love. You know goddesses don’t like to be kept waiting. 


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