Getting Deep wif Cupcake & Keiko Mulligan

IMG_1655.PNG Cupcake: I fink dat dere is somefing so bootiful about getting to be big and little. Bootiful and sacred. Sacred is like scared only wif the letters switched around. Sometimes we are scared of the sacred inside us and we has to play hide and seek to find all the parts of ourselves.

Sometimes it’s more like a treasure hunt than hide and seek. We read the clues and sometimes they’re mysterious so we has to solve the riddles and then find the next clue. And each time we get a little closer to the treasure. But it’s not just about the treasure, it’s about the game.

It’s not just about being big and little, it’s about finding fun ways to explore all of ourselves whatever that might be in a loving place that’s sacred. And also scaryyyy.

Keiko: Out of the mouths of babes and littles. 😉

When we get to play make believe and treasure hunts as grown ups it lets our inner child out to play and that freedom is empowering and sexy.

Make believe also lets us step outside ourselves in healthy ways. Like thinking of myself as a naughty little barefoot dancer helped me see myself in a new way when I was very confused and going through major transformation.

It also helped me take pride in my barefoot dancing feet at a time when I barely cared.

Being a little when I got out of a bad mind-fuck contract (be ye very careful with that!) and needed serious after care was extremely healing. It was okay if I could barely express myself and my vocabulary was like a child. It was okay to nurture the inner child who needed acknowledgement and assurance and then be a naughty sexy adult girl, a woman with a playful attitude. Knowing both roles were accepted and honored helped me stay in touch with my sexuality and still have daddy girl time and feel safe and loved unconditionally.

This doesn’t feel like the sexiest naughty blog but to me sexy is sexier when it’s surrounded by subtleties and deep experiences.

I’m totally turned on by depth of character, imagination and genuine intelligence. Generosity of spirit, honesty and integrity too.

I want to share those parts of me that are deeper and twisted, honest and genuine because to me that makes for a great mental and emotional connection which in turn makes the cybersex and companionship extraordinary. I do it from a place of confidence and vulnerability too.

I was more sub than domme for awhile because I was too tired to think or be in charge.

Then I tried to be domme only because switching seemed confusing and the subbing was too much. But I like switching. I like guys who can switch. I think that’s crazy hot.

And it appeals to the mischievous Mulligan.

When Cupcake Mulligan peeks out from behind the tree she was hiding behind, and I think I’ve finally found her and I get ready for little play and find that I start thinking of Ms Mulligan in her cat suit looking for a manly footstool instead but I feel Keiko Mulligan showing up ready for anything, well I know we are in for a ride.

Not everyone likes that kind of upheaval but for those who do, what a ride it is!

If I had to pick one I’d be a domme, and sometimes I’d delegate and see how you do in charge. But this is more fun for me.

Speaking of dommes: Ms Mulligan very much enjoys sexy curious diligent subs, sissies and also proper hoomin foot stools. She’s always loved good ottomans but they aren’t nearly as fun as a delicious foot stool. Inquire with tributes if you are interested in either and please get to know me online first. I like detail oriented sweet subs, sissies and foot stools.

But switch or domme there’s a part of me that is a little. I am blessed to have a perfect daddy dom who honors and cherishes his cupcake and tells her to do whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t hurt her.

So I started thinking I might have to get some new schoolgirl outfits for Back to School which is coming up. 😉

PS: All the Keiko Mulligans are fans of LOLCATS. We all can haz cheezburgers. Unless we’re on Paleo or somefing.



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