Cupcake Mulligan, The Little

Keiko Mulligan as Cupcake.
Yay, my daddy found me.

I finally decided to just settle on not settling. 😉 I like being a switch.

I also like to be open about my experiences as it feels right. I hope that doing so can start more conversations about fetishes and fantasies and role play for healing and self/sexual development for vanillas too. I think being playful and open minded about sex, exploring a little kink and building a healthy relationship with alternative perspectives and lifestyles just makes life more fun and interesting. The Internet gives us a way to do it from the comfort and privacy of wherever we are.

So I thought this week I would begin to talk about some of my experiences with being an adult little girl with a virtual daddy dom. I’ve decided to call this side of me Cupcake Mulligan. When I first became a little I was struggling in a huge way. I’m very grateful for my daddy dom and the healthy nurturing relationship which helped me through a major life transformation.

Feeling a sense of belonging and that someone was and is there to connect with me even though it was only virtually has been a big step to healing emotionally and mentally and feeling whole on my own. Sometimes we just need someone to help us feel connected to a kindness we aren’t able to give ourselves at the time, to let us know we are loved unconditionally, and to flirt and play with us when we’re in a place that others might feel uncomfortable with.

For more about Daddy Doms and Little Girls, I like Autumn Herrah’s explanation which I’m including below my clip.

To avoid any more procrastination videos seemed a fun way to start as it gives me less chance to edit my story into oblivion.

And Autumn’s explanation:


Keiko Mulligan’s foot fetish, domination and other kink clips are only on sale a few more hours!

If you want to have access to all the clips for a crazy low price and just explore away, by all means treat yourself! And me! I like prezzies. =)

K xoxo


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