Not Financial Domination Exactly…

Not exactly financial domination... Keiko Mulligan mysterious selfie.Or is it?

Typically financial domination from what I have seen involves a lot of vulgar language. Perhaps I have just not seen everything (who has) and I would love for someone to refer me to something more suave.

But maybe being called terrible names works for the majority of those who are seeking the sensation of being controlled.

I prefer less in-your-face methods. Of course that’s an entirely different experience.

I like to dominate quietly for the most part. Just like I trained my German Shepherd to pay very very close attention to me so I didn’t have to yell at him when he misbehaved–something that can be disruptive when you have guests. Especially if you like to have naked pool parties or run around with friends in the buff.

So he was always checking in, paying attention to what I was doing, if I looked at him, how I looked at him, how fast I was moving.

He was never allowed in the kitchen unless invited. So he put his enormous paws right on the line between carpet and tile, chilling and smiling like GSDs do, while I cooked meat in his presence as if he wasn’t there.

I’d look at him and he’d look at me and then sit slowly. I’d keep looking and then he’d lay down. I’d hold my gaze and he’d rest his head on the floor. Total submission.

How did I get there? Wouldn’t you like to know? ūüėČ

I can imagine some people might imagine that I trained him with all sorts of cruelties, but no. To me that just welcomes weak nerves.

I taught him to pay attention by paying close attention myself, creating a space he enjoyed, an atmosphere that he could relax into and being his enormous grand majestic self. A safe space that was more important than chasing the cat, even when she was taunting him, trying to get him to chase her before she found a lofty place and gloated while he got in trouble. Of course in my domain she would get herself in trouble too. I can climb.

So what does that little story have to do with financial domination?

I’m about to raise all the prices on my clips. You probably won’t even see this blog post until you’ve signed up for the cheaper way to access all my clips for a month.

That’s okay because eventually if you want that space that makes you feel empowered and not at the whim of every taunting pussy in your life, much like my dog found with me–if you want the thrill of submitting to an energy you have never experienced before, one that brings you power in any way you like it, well, eventually it’ll happen.

If you’re really serious about feeling good, no matter what it takes to get you to that place, and you like financial domination because you want to know what being in control feels like, you’ll connect with me.

If feeling control financially is your thing: First you’ll buy everything I make because that’s paying attention. Attention is love. Love is power. You want me to fulfill your dreams? Do your homework. Make the effort. Don’t sit on your lazy ass and expect me to dominate¬†you for free in a chat room or punish you for free. Don’t be an underhanded manipulative sub. Don’t insult yourself. Don’t insult me. Do be honest with yourself about your desires. Accept them. Honor them. Honor me. Do it in a way that allows for true connection, that lets me help you experience control like you have never dreamed of. I never tamper with free will. I only change my energy to suit your stated intentions in a way that is good for me.


I’m raising the prices on my individual clips starting this week. Right now you can get the full set for a measly $261 if you bought them straight off my clip store.

But even more ridiculous, you can get access to all 38 clips for a month for under $20.

I’ve been broke before. I know how to make a dollar go farther than you can imagine. If $20 is what it takes to get you in my game and begin the journey of experiencing life more richly and finding that quiet power that lets you dictate your terms under any circumstances, be a “shark” and take the deal! As the silly saying goes, seize the carp!

Don’t be a cheap ass and just sit there endlessly admiring me without giving back. Honor us both and be a gentleman (or a lady) if you want me to be your Lady and Mistress. Don’t feel worthy of clips? Not interested? Pay tributes.

Now… My Submission

If it’s My submission you want, you will need to be so clever, so chivalrous, rich in character and creativity with an open mind and the ability to go with me into all the places I like to go. If you don’t have money you’ll need to find a sponsor because I am all taken up with personal investments to sponsor your ass with free attention. But I am quite generous when you make the effort.

Incidentally, I will take investors who are not interested in being entertained. Contact me with a tribute to discuss what I have in mind and be a part of my upcoming empire that really should probably be a novel. We can do that too.¬†¬†If you’re serious I know you’ll find a way.

My submission is a gift and it is earned. You will never experience a submission quite like mine–so sweet, so full, like a willow dancing in the wind, bending with grace and power. I know how to surrender to the moment, to know your whims as they formulate inside you and to be right there with you, creating a magical circle for just the two of us even while you give the orders. I know the power of beginner’s mind, to put my ego in its crate and feel the joy of oneness.

This experience does not come without cost.

Switching is how I roll. I can be top or bottom, dominant or submissive, but at my core I am always connected with my power. I am flexible and see order in chaos, goodness everywhere. I know the depth of emotion. I’ve been in heaven and I’ve been in hell and I’m not afraid to go wherever you would like to go.

But you’ve got to earn it.

Want a taste of my range? Follow my links and see how ridiculous I can be. ūüėȬ†You won’t have to look hard.

I like a good time. Outrageous is wonderful, but made more so by the simple joys that are the reward of living wholeheartedly and with intention.–A¬†cumulation of those peaceful moments like when I enjoy a hot espresso with cream in the morning or a delicious steak dinner at whatever time of day I choose, plate on the coffee table, my majestic wolf dog¬†at my feet, resting his powerful jaw on his paws or on the top of my feet. My magical Maine Coon behind my serving as my pillow.

And me dreaming about what the future was going to hold if the present was this sweet.



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