Keiko “Cupcake O” Mulligan on Explosions etc.

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I forgot to mention in the previous one that this is cupcake mulligan! Modeled after the childlike mind and the crazy little that I can be sometimes.

We’ll talk more about those dynamics later.


So once I got in trouble for making an explosion in the kitchen. It was like a vinegar and baking soda type of operation. Well I always knew that I was a psychic witch, haha. I invented the princess, but we’ll talk about that later.

I was sitting there accepting my punishment—or my chiding—and I was like “Oh just you wait until I make a big explosion later! And then I tapped into my mental crystal ball and I was like, well, actually my parents have always been very cool so I knew that was just me being annoyed because I had to clean a mess and they didn’t appreciate my explosions.

But that’s okay. I forgive you. Lol.

Oh! I was, when I wrote this, watching Elaine Stritch, as I mentioned. She was wearing a Fedora, I think. But regardless of what sort of top hat looking thing it was, it reminded me that I missed my pinstripe fedora that I got at a party at a mansion that looked like the closest thing I’d seen in real life to a vampire castle.

This guy had a thing for hats, and he had this hat closet. He tried to just give me a beanie. I was like, “I don’t want a beanie! I want that fedora!” I wore that fedora for a long time. I even took it with me on my recent journeys and somehow it got lost.

So I’ll be adding fedoras to my amazon wish list one of these days. Feel free.

Memo to me:

Add fedoras
Also cinches and corsets
Ties too
Men’s shirts

Because I’m going to wear those together.

School girl skirts too for when I am feeling modest. Otherwise just knee highs. And lacy boy shorts. I was going to say garters but they’re a lot of work for me. I like ease and simplicity. Not to many buckling things.

Also to go on my Amazon wish list are some silky kimonos. At least one.

And also a kimono steam punk kind of dress I think. Kind of like Cindarella but with Asian flare. I suppose the Cindarella maid dress is also cool. I always thought that was the sexiest one. But then a big flamboyant Cindarella one. The big poofy kind. The words escape me right now, too much going on.

I need this dress because I still like to joke about wearing benwa balls and a butt plug underneath. Gasp! Am I allowed to say that? A beep plug under my knickers if I’m wearing any. Because Rachel Greene from Friends inspired me to go commando. Thank you Jennifer Aniston.

Also an Asian girl confirmed that was a cool thing to do. And I thought you know what, this is actually a cool thing to do.

I go commando during the day and then for work I put panties on. Again exceptions are us.

For regular days I would like to be wearing summer dresses and that’s it.

Pearls too maybe.

And pockets for my feathers.

Oh, maybe an apron with a pocket for my iPhone.

I forgot about the Lara Croft Tombraider outfit as well. But more comfortable. I have to design that. I have a design somewhere. Slow, like I was saying. 😉

So, slow daisy picking butterfly that I am, it’s coming back to me—and see, this is the thing about judgment! When you keep telling someone they’re slow, they may be appearing slow to you but like I’ve said, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Not to worry, I’m coming from a good place. Kind intentions are the most powerful regardless of what you may think.

More on this topic of slowness because we’re going to go ahead and let this go as I tell you about it.

My very amusing landlady suggested I check out David Sedaris’ CDs to do my comedy show. I think she told me this a year ago or more. Finally now I’m feeling up to it. My own concept of course. Way better, even. Lol. No offense, lol.

I knew it would take a long time because I foresaw some bumps coming up. Not baby bumps. Not yet anyway. I need more energy and other things like currency. The kind of currency that rules this world for the time being.

I will take tributes, of course. Not to have babies that is. I mean you never know. It’s all in the presentation of an idea how it’s received.

See, I have still not gotten to daydreams but that’s coming.

I believe that I should be committing my daydreams to paper so I can come up with new ones and you can have those.

Also so I can start worrying about other things like real people reacting in all manner of ways to things that I’ve been thinking about. Lol.

It’ll all make sense one day very soon. For now it’s just an exciting mystery about the new career I invented and how I got there.

So, the story really should be starting from when I’m in my eighties. Maybe eighty eight.

And I’ll start talking about how I got where I’m going. Which brings me to my closer and reminds me of Kyle Cease, who is awesome.

Ah! Why did I do that? Now I spilled the beans.

Next!–Or maybe I didn’t! Or maybe the cat was supposed to come out of the bag.—Next, my fantasies and daydreams about Kyle coming up soon.

Tata and thank you for watching me, you wonderful person.

Is Keiko Mulligan too weird for you?


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