Keiko Mulligan’s YouTube Talk Show Beginneth

Here’s the transcript for Google and the people, which, if you’ve chatted with me before live you know is going to go all sorts of places as I pick daisies and put them in interesting… places. 😉

* Transcript of Keiko Mulligan sort of as Cupcake Mulligan, talking about all sorts of things *

Testing, testing, 123. We have to do something about the design of the iPhone so that I can monitor myself while also looking you in the eyes which are the windows to your soul. What do you see in my soul? 😉

I decided I would start my YouTube show because I watched Elaine Stritch and I thought (gasp) “I could be like her some time!” Except for the singing.

I wrote something and I wanted to talk about it with you.

Hmmmm. Take two. Time for take two.

* * *

As some of you know, these are the feet of Keiko Mulligan, and an awesome riding crop that my, lol, landlady gave me. It sounds so much more exotic than it is. Haha. Actually, that’s not true. It is soooo exotic.

Let’s see, what else do we have here. I have mugs. Hope and Joy. My name was gonna be Hope. My middle name is actually Faith, so then it would be Hope Faith. So then I would just need Love in there but I’m a lover so I don’t need that.

Oh. My feet want to move for you apparently.

Let’s see, what else do I have? My bowl of grapes. And grape tomatoes. Because those match. And my awesome chopsticks from some place in Little Tokyo. Woo hoo!

* * *

So, things are going to get a little awkward. Hahaha. My favorite. They’re gonna get awkward for a few reasons, but let’s not worry about that. It’s more fun when it just happens and we can laugh a little bit.

I thought that I would explore some new role play ideas, but first. But first! We must create the characters. And before that, just to remind us of the topic… (Excuse my lighting, it’s magical—if you want to help me with my lighting, connect with me and tell me your bright ideas, haha.)

So, fantasies and fetishes. We’ll talk about fetishes later. We’ll talk about fantasies and weird dreams [first].

Well, my dreams are very private. Mostly. Exceptions are us, I’ve said before. So I’ll start with my daydreams.

But fiiiirst. Let’s talk about how slow I can be. How awfully slow. Of course, read: Super thorough. I miss not a thing, but the world does leave me speechless and stunned. Lol. Hence my slowness. It’s all your fault. Haha.

Other things I want to explain about is empathy and how that works, being a… rebel empath. I added rebel just now to honor my rebel streak. We must honor all parts of us with love.

But talking about what it’s like to be an empath to me. Which will bring a lot more suspicion to all my actions. I hope. 😉

Another theme that is also ongoing is my day job except sometimes I do it at night too. Content creation. The internet and its, what shall I call it, journey into becoming more interesting and authentic and less fake.

So, when I create content you can figure out where I get my bright ideas when you find out how I work, how my magic works, who I’m hanging out with, what I’m channeling, who’s brain I’m picking. Well. Now I might have no friends anymore. Lol. Oh well.

I want to also talk about how I got started in my amazing careers of escaping from Pericles! Well, pickles I meant but Pericles sounds good too. It was autocorrect’s suggestion. I don’t know what it means, I can’t remember but I am weaning myself from Google which I have used to learn about the world—that and my intuitive searches. Google is like my little information sidekick for my magic craft.

Oh yes! Back to being slow. Being slow is actually an illusion while I do the real things that I came to earth for. A hilarious and painful mission it turns out because I forget that some people feel threatened by humor (Don’t be!) especially mine.

So I have to tell you, I was watching Shoot Me, about Elaine Stritch, which was funny. She gave me some wardrobe ideas. There was some talk about the Golden Age and I thought well, how about the Platinum Age. Have we had that yet?

I want to usher that in if we haven’t. I’m pretty sure we haven’t. We’ll talk about that more later as I catch up on picking my daisies.

I think I said, I may interject here, when I first began my exploration in the wonderful wild world of Twitter that um…

Ah crap, I forgot. Lol.

(This is what happens when I interrupt myself.)

Ah yes! It was about Ulysses and James Joyce—his stream of consciousness and his audacity to share it with the world. Although, was it his or did he just make it up?

In other things that are on my mind, I am late on my rent. But, to be fair, I got in over my head on a healing job which was like a holy macaroni brain job with some spicy and stale resentment mixed in. Tough stuff. Bless their heart. I did it for free too and I didn’t even get a thank yoooooou. See, that’s what happens sometimes when you do things in this Corporeal City for free. Lesson I’m learning on worth. Haha.

See, in my worlds—in my many worlds—I use mostly energy as currency. It’s more honest so it reduces things like greed and other motivators that cloud things.

Anyway. Back to the healing job.

Thank the sweet baby—excuse me, cat’s got my tongue and it’s not even in the room—Thank the sweet baby Jesus my healer is me, otherwise who knows the things I’d hear about myself.

Actually, credit where credit is due. I do have healers who have helped me a great deal—incredible ass job just dousing me with goodness in spite of me, subtly and with so much patience because of course, I’m slow.

But, I did make things very interesting for them and interesting is good. I wish there was more interesting on the web. Interesting content. So, presto! I came up with a solution.

It’s my day job but I’ll mix it up a little bit.

And then I thought, wait a second! Why don’t I play with some spells since I am a natural witch anyway. I shared this news [nude] in my bathtub a little bit ago. You’ll have to pay to see that. 😉 It’s worth it, haha.

Anyway. I believe that spells are not necessary. I like to work with energy and my mind, and I’ve been cooking up some things for many, many years. [Although I’m starting to think they might be fun and I am sure there will be people arguing with me about this as people tend to like to do. 😉 ]

(We might have to have a part two of this.)

But it wasn’t time for my creations to be shared. Speaking of experiments, next we’re going to talk about explosions that I’ve made. I forget the limit on these videos.

Tata for now! Explosions in the next one.


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