News From Keiko :)

Keiko Mulligan phone
Call me loves. xoxo
I’ve been thinking lately of my journey as Keiko Mulligan. From Kinky Kiki to Goddess to Empress and everything in between.

It was a journey I never thought I would take, but those are some of the best journeys. It has been a colorful one too. I have so much admiration for the women who have made an art and gathered a following.

I feel like I am a bit more of a ruckus causer sometimes. Part little girl, part mother, part goddess, part boss, empress, tender and gentle, feisty, full of twists and turns. I am mercurial after all.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances I may not be available on cam for a little while (but who knows, maybe I will!) but I am raising funds for a new studio all my own featuring foot shows, food shows, and all kinds of creative fun. If you would love to see more of me and can share tributes towards that, here is my link!

Thank you for reading this and for sharing your time and attention with Me.

Kisses, hugs, and wishing for the best for you in everything you do! Feel free to call me with your sexiness while I am preparing for the next round. An inappropriate phone call is always a pleasure. 😉 (I am also available by Verified Call if you prefer!)


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