Soleful Stories!

Follow the Sole Goddess
Sole goddess, wish mistress, creator of new worlds and lover of fantasies and foot adoration.

I have been beyond delighted to read stories from some of you. Fascinating, incredible imaginations!

It would please the sole goddess and wish mistress to read your creations on her sole journey.

As the sole goddess is generous, it is my intention to share these stories as I please.

Another reminder. Of course it also pleases me to receive your tributes. All the time. So please, click and pay my loves. Do click and pay as often as you can!

The more generous you are to me, the better. You have no idea what is in store for the patrons of the sole goddess experience.

I will bring heaven to earth for my sweet gods and minions if you please me.

Be delicious and send sole goddess a story. A fantasy from your wild and unique imagination! Nothing less will do. Below is my golden receptacle for your stories and fantasies. Thank you my dears.


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