Salute To The Soles & Sole Lovers

In honor of #footfetishfriday as well as Footsie Friday, which I hope will soon be a weekly holiday for playing footsie, not to mention the fact that sole goddess has to participate in such soleful adventures now and in the footures…

I am posting this fun picture, which is taking selfies to a whole new level.

The Art of Soleful Selfie Love

There are four Keiko Mulligans???
Keiko Mulligan’s Sole Quadruplets. OMG there are four sole goddesses! And eight soles! Omigoddess!
Goddess gots sole!
Keiko Mulligan – Sole Goddess – Clever and soleful about everything.

Do it! Pay the tributes because you love where this is going! You do know where this is going, don’t you? If you do then I know you will love it no matter who you are!

I want you to kiss my soles because you can’t help but do anything else!

Pucker kisses and French kisses and muah muah muah, nom nom nom kisses.

😉 Yes, sole goddess is a greedy goddess with big appetites for amazingness. You should take that as a compliment. 😉 Can’t get enough of your amazing. Amazing worship. Amazing everything.

Here is how you can share your amazing with me so I can appreciate you even more. More, more, more, more!

1) Tributes (Because you want to see a lot more of goddess’ soles and other parts!) 

2) Visit Evil Keiko Mulligan Live. (Haha do you like how I did that?) Pay more tribute. 

3) Purchase all the things I write and make for you. Look for the widgets to the right displaying Books. And click and pay my love, click and pay!

Thank you, you are such a delicious visitor. I want to eat you up just for being here.

Imagine how I feel about you when you pay tributes and fawn over your sole goddess like only a god can fawn over a goddess. Delicious men and minions. The rest of you too. Nom nom nom.



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