Hi again! I’m baaaack. ;-)

Keiko Mulligan baring soles & love.Well, in the last year I tried very hard to be “normal” (again!) and I realized something.

Normal has a NO in it.

For me, anyway. I won’t presume to speak for you. Attempting to live by other people’s rules has not worked out well for me except to teach me that those are their rules, not mine. (And also that rules are made to be broken. 😉 )

Normal was never on my agenda. I didn’t have a normal upbringing. Or a normal life for that matter. Not once. Even when I tried to become normal, I found myself going nuts. Normal doesn’t work for me.

Normal is not what changes the world. Normal is not what makes my heart sing. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have met anyone who is just overjoyed to be normal.

Normal is an illusion. It’s something that is romanticized by people who don’t like that others are breaking the mold. It reminds them of what they are not doing. That’s okay, we all come into our own in our own time.

Sure, there are loads of “reasons” why being normal may be the safe, sane and responsible thing to do. But why would anyone want to suppress the legendary awesome self that only they can bring to the world? Because it feels like the right thing to do? Because it feels safe?

Not good enough for me. Because it’s just not a given. Normal does not assure security, safety or happiness. Look around.

Who establishes the new normal? Innovators.

Establish your new normal! Make your own rules. Sing your own song. Dance to your own tune. Break your old mold. Unleash the new amazing you. Only you have that power.

Magic happens outside your comfort zone. If you don’t like what’s happening, change it. And if you don’t like that, change that. Just keep adding little revolutions to your day until you wake up and realize you are everything you wanted all along.

I am enough. I am amazing. I am one of a kind. So are you!

It doesn’t matter what we choose to do as long as it puts a song in our heart and makes us love life! It can be a “normal” profession but we don’t have to settle and go about things the normal way. I don’t have to settle.

Here’s a clue: If your face lights up when you talk about something, start following that dream and everything else will fall into place. I happen to light up about a lot of things that terrify some people. Like jumping out of planes and being an exhibitionist and liberator of naked truth. Right time right place of course. I don’t jump out of planes when it doesn’t make sense for me, and I don’t walk around naked all the time. And not everyone wants to talk about my truth.

There are plenty of people doing those “not normal” things with big smiles on their faces. Some of them are even leading otherwise “normal” lives. But somehow I let fear stop me.

Richard Bach said,

“We teach best what we most need to learn.”

I need to learn to embrace my naked truth and build the legacy that I always wanted to build. And it involves some things that fall outside of normal. My passion is for excellence and creativity. Not your excellence or someone else’s. My excellence.

So I talk about that in my daily life. And people’s faces light up.

I want your face to light up too. I want to see your soul radiating through your smile.

Do me a favor and ask yourself, when you’re ready:

Am I building a legacy that honors the amazing unique individual that I am?

It’s not about the clothes. It’s not about what one does for a living. It’s not about what one has in their closet or garage. Those things can be fun but they can be gone in the blink of an eye.

It’s about the song that’s in your heart only and if you have the courage to sing it.

I had to try normal one last time to know, but now I do. And I look back and realize I have never been normal, even when I had the best pieces to that normal puzzle. That life with all the stuff people strive for. Even then everyone wondered what I was hiding. “Are you a spy? Are you secretly in porn?”

Me. I was hiding me.

Pogo - We have met the enemy and he is us.

Kind of like a kid playing peek a boo by covering their eyes. “You can’t see me!”

In a way they’re right. They’re covering their eyes, the windows to their soul, who they really are. But also, they can’t see.

I like eyes wide open and souls bared.

Soles too.

It’s courageous, it’s beautiful and no one else has my beauty or yours.

Let your light shine, baby!

(Speaking of soles. Here’s my little e-book Talk To The Soles 2. Eighteen pages of foot love and musings. Enjoy! And if you like that one, here’s Talk To The Soles 1.) 

Pogo - We have met the enemy and he is us.


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