Breakfast Situations

(I’m sorry my browser and I screwed up together so you may have received another version of this in your email that I didn’t think saved. Embarrassing, but oh well.)

Somehow I am compelled to share these underwhelming breakfast experiences I subjected myself to. 😉

The scrambled egg-spinach-tomato deal was excellent but I committed crimes against Paleo by eating bread and melting cheese inside of it. I also did myself a disservice by taking so long to eat it that the bread got crunchy and dry and the cheese was rubbery. I hate it when I commit a food crime and it’s not even worth it. We will ignore the bacon.

It was just weird to eat leftover salad with my eggs first thing in the morning. I did it because I was lazy.


Since I had salad for breakfast I decided to go all-out rebel and have oatmeal for lunch. I like to live on the wild side. Protein powder to fulfill the protein obligations. A spoon of almond butter for healthy fats. Strawberries just because. And cinnamon because it helps you be alert. Also because it just goes with oats.


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