My Latest Obsession

Crunchy salad with olive oil and lemon juice salad dressing. Nom nom!

I am obsessed with tossed salad right now.

Behold the freshness and easiness of my tossed salad. Also colorful and crunchy. Tee hee! So easily amused, I know.

Being somewhat vain about my abs I am a big fan of the low to no starchy carb diet. This is especially handy when I am lazy about the cardio. Seven cups of lettuce I believe equals 1/2 a piece of bread according to the Zone diet blocks of carbs or something. And it really works. Half a piece of bread is really pointless. Almost frustrating.

Bread is for “cheat day”! Donuts too. And noodles! And white rice!

I am sorry to disappoint some of you who may have been hoping for something more exciting, but I am loving this.

Tell me if you like my tossed salad. Or if you have a favorite of your own. I wanna know. 😉


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